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Welcome . . .

. . . to the website of  David McQuoid,   On-The-Road
                providing assistance to Christian Ministries   with   the development and modification of Databases and the related Software to make that data more useful
                primarily in the "lower-48" United States.
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What is Happening Now . . .

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For about 30+ years this ministry had focused on the databases used to support the Information Management needs of ministries.
     Sometimes it is  development of new databases,  other times it is  modifying or adding to  existing databases.
     Often the work also includes  creating work-processes  and  building reports  to extend the utility of an existing database beyond the product's original structure or capabilities. 

The ministry side of this web-site, found by following the  Information for Ministry Clients  link, describes the process, logistics, financial considerations, and some Computer Questions for Ministry Growth.

The "RV Side" . . .

 This web-site includes the RV side of my ministry -- providing computer consulting services to Christian ministries while living on-the-road full-time in a travel-trailer since early 1994.

The use of an RV in this ministry has  economic,  logistical,  environmental   and  relational  advantages.     These advantages benefit the ministries being served.

The majority of the "RV side" story,  including photos, maps, and commentary,  is found by following the  Visitors, Volunteers & Work-Campers link.
   If you are interested in volunteering and/or work-camping with Christian ministries,  this area may provide some insight into this particular  'style of life' - - using a travel-trailer, fifth-wheel or motor-home to serve others.


Supporting Computer Databases and Software in Christian Ministries . . . to help Bring People the good news: Christ

Some people have expressed appreciation for the work I do by using superlatives about skills or knowledge, or words such as  "amazing" or "like magic".
Let us take the phrase  "like magic"   to put things into perspective.

A common part of a traditional magic show is  "pulling a rabbit out of the hat".
    Perhaps I have some good   "pulling out of hat"   techniques.
    However, unless the Lord God provides the rabbit, there is no show.    It is all His gift.

" … he accomplished many improvements to the database and our staff will get much more use out of it. "

" If we had to hire someone with your skills who was not a missionary, we could not afford to get nearly as much done. "

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