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Computer Questions for Ministry Growth Series

Who Are They ?

One size does not fit all when communicating with your constituents ( prospects, students, alumni, volunteers, donors, etc ).    Speakers and authors are told to "know your audience" in order to be successful:  you should know your audience also.

A taxonomy helps focus your conversations and efforts on the distinct communities and audiences within the constituency of your ministry.    ( The word "taxonomy" is a just-one-single-word used to include the ideas of "pigeon-holes", "categories", "labels" and the other ways we identify or distinguish different groups of peoples. )

Have you developed a taxonomy for your ministry to focus its communications ?
Has it been formalized so all ministry staff are “on the same page” ?

How do you and your staff know (and record) into which categories each and every particular constituent fits ?

Can you easily generate a mailing (or a calling campaign) for different combinations of people-groups ?

A well-formed database will record these taxonomy distinctives for every contact.
During the implementation phase you will be coached by David  ( TSI's, MBI's and CIM's  database architect, developer, implementer and support person )  in the process of building and maintaining a taxonomy.

To learn more or to arrange for assistance,  see the  Contact Page.

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