Computer Questions for Ministry Growth
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Computer Questions for Ministry Growth Series

Are You Responsive ?

Prospects ( student, volunteer, or donor ) choose the responsive service provider, especially one with whom they have built a relationship. This is part of the "know and trust" discussion often associated with fund raising.

A few ministries have taken the effort to ask those people who initially inquired but did not attend their events/schools the "Why?" question. The overwhelming response to  "Why did you attend at the other place?"   was   "Because they responded first to my questions/inquiry."

Are you and your ministry responsive, responding, responsible ( "response-able") ?

How long do people wait to hear back from you ?

Do you have a plan in place to actively engage in conversation with your contacts ?
Or, are you just passively waiting for the "blue birds" to fly into your web-site on the internet?   Do you initiate the follow-up contact (especially with past participants)  or  do you just wait for them to call you again?

Are you keeping track of your communications and using a tool to drive your outgoing phone calls or emails ?

Some ministries and missions have developed a positive pro-active response and relationship building process that increases the number of people participating in their ministry to make God known.

A well-formed database enables them to efficiently perform this process.

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