Computer Questions for Ministry Growth
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Computer Questions for Ministry Growth Series

Are You Unified or Fractured ?

Do your constituents (including prospects and alumni) experience a unified, consistent, predictable interaction with your ministry?  Or, do different departments (and even different staff) give the appearance of entirely different organizations - - a fractured image of your ministry?

If the essence of your ministry is not the same for one encounter to another, it is difficult for a constituent to build trust in your ministry. This makes it difficult for the constituent to actively participate in your ministry.

Consider the successful franchises (ignoring the matter of "taste" for the moment)   that assure you a uniform experience at any of their locations. Yes, it tastes the same every time - - you can rely on it. Why? Because there are multiple binders that contain and preserve the continuity of the recepies, the process, the presentation and all the actions of the employees. It is documented.

Your ministry similarly needs tools and documents to maintain the life and effectives of the ministry as the people serving the ministry come and go.

Do you have a place that documents your taxonomy (how you distinguish different "kinds" of constituents) ?

Have you documented the different ways to handle returned mail ?

Does everyone in your ministry have a place to quickly observe the information about individual contacts to guide them into a consistent conversation ?
Can everyone see the promises your ministry has made to a constituent ?
Can they see the obligations of the participating/enrolling constituent so that they may remind the constituent ?

A well-formed database database forms the focus and mechanism around which your ministry's interaction with constituents can be unified.
You will be coached in the development of the ministry-specific portion of documentation by  David  ( TSI's, MBI's and CIM's  database architect, developer, implementer and support person )  during the implementation phase.

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