A  Question of Destiny
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Final Destination ?

First, some background.

I am what is known as a  "fulltime RVer"  or  "full timer"  as it is sometimes shortened.

This is expressed in the context of RVs = Recreational Vehicles -- especially travel-trailers, 5th-wheels and motor homes of various sizes.
I live in my travel-trailer 24/7/365 -- i.e. all the time or "full time".    It is my home.   There is not a 'regular' residential structure that I call home.


There are some common questions often asked by those "outside" this style-of-life, most frequently and significantly they fall in to three areas represented by:
     1. Where are you from?
     2. What do you do  that you travel and live this way?
     3. After you are done traveling (having seen many parts of the USA) -- where will you finally settle?
These can be compared to three major domains of life-questions:
     • Origins
     • Purpose
     • Destiny

Sometimes when traveling, people will inquire at an overnight stop: Where are you headed?
This has a context of the seasonal trek of winter "snow birds" -- many of whom are headed to what is marketed as a "destination resort".
      So, for this trip,   what is you final destination?



One evening listening to a CD from the   This Hope   musical group,   their song   "Final Destination"    triggered the idea of creating a bumper-sticker for the back of my travel-trailer. 
It would play off the RV context of the words 'Final Destination'.

You can hear the first part of that song at  www.thishope.com  --
      follow the links  "music / video"  to a page with multiple "tabs" --
      click there on the  "music"  tab and scroll down to find the  "Final Destination"  entry  
      click on the  "Listenbutton, which will open up a list of songs,
      next-to/under the title song is an audio-player for the first track of the song.
     (Be ready for a high-energy voices-rich song.)

Here is a link to an mp3 file containing the Final Destination song -- you could also try listening directly: Final Destination  .


So now to the bumper sticker --

The bumper sticker is 3 inches tall and 10 inches wide.  That is perhaps average for bumper-stickers,  and a fairly discrete size for the back of an RV.
This certainly-not-a-banner size is fine for the purpose of actually talking with people.   The most likely place for such encounters is when parked  and people are on foot,  especially in an RV park.

A white background was selected because it matches many RV exteriors,  and is otherwise relatively neutral on the tan or other light tone colors.   It also gives a better contrast to the characters to ease the reading of the words.

I placed one on the back of my trailer below the license plate,  and another on the 'tongue' (near the hitch) out front on the passenger's side.  This should cover both the pull-through and the back-in configurations of most RV sites.

Final Destination ?
Ours is NOT HERE.  Ask me Why.

I suppose I could have said "Mine is Not Here" -- but I plan to share this sticker with folks I know (many are couples) to apply to their RV.    Also 'ours' can take on the family meaning of the church body.



Final Destination ?          What is yours?

This page last edited: 16 September 2011