About this On-The-Road Service to Ministries
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About  this  On-The-Road  computer related Service to Ministies

  The Services This Ministry Provides
  Some Ministries Served
  How This Ministry Is Funded
  Some Personal Background
  Logistics - Getting / Being There
  Computer Questions for Ministry Growth

On-Site Assistance with   Databases and Software   Development & Support  --
-- providing high quality professional services to Christian ministries / missions.

A core area of ministry information activity centers on "the database":   donor systems,   mailing lists,   student records,   registration systems   and the other information collections of the ministry.   Using the appropriate software to gather, organize and report this information enables the ministry to better serve its constituents and to perform its mission in the world.

This on-site service includes evaluation, design and training in best practices, business operations, knowing your constituents, managing commitments, as well as the more obvious implementation issues surrounding databases and software development.

Each Christian ministry or mission requires solutions that fit their ministry-specific needs,  this means someone needs to work face-to-face and side-by-side with them to build those solutions.   The use of an RV facilitates staying days, weeks, and even months when necessary.

This service, delivered "on site" at the client ministry location,  is provided through one of --
       Tech Serve International  of Greenbrier Arkansas
      Mission Builders International  of Lakeside Montana
The "hat worn" depends upon your ministry's circumstances.

We are neither affiliated with  nor limited to serving any specific denomination ... but we are focused on

Supporting computers in ministries . . to bring people to Christ.


For more details, Click on this Link for Services Details.


So, as you have probably guessed by now,   I focus on the   Database and Software Development   areas of information technology.  Both  Tech Serve International  and  Mission Builders International   provide other services -- this on-the-road service is focused on a specific area of ministry development: the effective management of information.

Since I have been working in these areas since the 1960s,   I bring a very high level of professional quality service that,   although expected in the commercial world,   is often not available in the Christian ministry / missions environment. 

Over the years there have been many different programming languages,  various system architectures,  multiple paradigms,  a bunch of development pedagogies,  ever changing hardware  and  numerous operating systems.   I have been blessed by the Lord with a learning ability that carried me through all of these. 

God also placed me in some special circumstances that have supplied unique insights into business life and systems design.

There is a significant need in missions for applying this broad ranging background of expertise -- yet that need is often not recognized because the ministries have not had exposure to what is possible.     I often illustrate this with the image of sewing by hand using simply a needle and thread - - and not knowing what a sewing machine could accomplish.

" David, it has been great to have you working here these past few months. It has been a joy to see how quickly you work and how gifted you are.  Thanks for taking the time to teach me also! "

A common question is  "How do you pay for all this?"      The four basic approaches are:

1 - Client Ministries that can Pay For Services and/or Expenses
2 - Missionary Donors -- the traditional 'Faith Support' approach
3 - Tent Making -- working  "on the side"
4 - Project Sponsors

Of these, the first two provide the majority of the funds.  I would like to see more project sponsors who continue their involvement in the client ministry after the sponsored work was delivered.   I tend to avoid the tent-making approach because it can become a limitation on time available for actual ministry service. 

For more details, Click on this Link for Finances Details.

" David, You have clearly been God’s man for our needs . . . . We so appreciate your wonderful work and the pleasure of your personality among us.  We’re thanking God for sending you!  You will be missed. "

Logistics - Getting There  and  Being There

Since this ministry service is delivered  "on site"  it entails travel and housing.  
Typically,  an average visit will span two or more weeks.

Because I live in an RV full-time:
a.  the travel is over-the-road:  early planning helps reduce the excess miles between points;
b.  I already have my office and home with me:  so both desk space and sleeping quarters are non-issues.

Ministries that already have RV-sites on campus have a distinct advantage,  however suitable alternative arrangements can generally be made.

For more details, Click on this Link for Logistics Details.

" David,  In light of the one month commitment that stretched to three, multitudes of queries built, scads of code improved, . . . Because you’ve given your skills and your energy,  we’re stronger, smarter and better equipped.  Thank you & Thank God for you! "

Computer Questions for Ministry Growth

There are many issues and questions related to ministry growth  - -  I have gathered a few computer related items.    The basic thrust of these questions has often repeated itself at the different ministries where I have served. 

Some examples are:

How well do you know your constituents?      Do they learn to expect a prompt response from you?    Will you always do as you say, when you say?    What value do you place on your information?    Do you always look for the cheapest solution?  

What do these questions have to do with computers?  The database and related tools should be helping you handle the issues that instigate these questions.  By incorporating the background of understanding that comes from answering these questions,  an effective design can be implemented specific to the ministry.

Of course, we must always keep in mind that Christ will build His church (Matthew 16:18)  and we are to use our tools wisely to meet His purpose. 

For more details, Click on this Link to the CQ.4.MG Pages.



A few of the ministries served,  grouped by kind:

Helps Ministries:
    Hard Hats for Christ --  Kelso WA
    Mission Builders International --  Lakeside  MT
    Hope Force International --  Nashville  TN
    Tech Serve International --  Greenbrier AR
Bible Translation Ministries:
    The Seed Company (Wycliffe) --  Arlington  TX
    Gospel Recordings Network --  Temecula  CA 
Sending Missions:
    Avant Ministries --  Kansas City  MO 
    New Tribes Mission Training & MK Centers --  Camdenton  MO 
    Village Missions --  Dallas  OR 
Residential Youth Programs:
    Wears Valley Ranch --  Wears Valley TN

For more details, Click on this Link into the Services Details page where a longer list is kept.


This page last edited: 26 February 2016