On-The-Road Fellowship
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This is a subject area I want to expand,  it was not previously included in the web-site topics.

Among of the issues when living full-time on-the-road are topics that can be categorized under  "fellowship":

    How do you establish and maintain fellowship with other believers?
    What about a home church?
        Will they remember who you are when they do not see your face?  (a problem overseas missionaries also experience)
        Will they drop you from the membership roster because they can not get enough people to achieve a quorum for business meetings?  (esp small churches)
    Accountability - maintaining frequent contact, especially face-to-face with same core people can be difficult
        Trust ....  Transparency .... Time for Details ....
    Encouragement . . .(both directions)
    Finding a (  'temporary' ? )  church as you move into a new area . . .
        Will they invite you into their "inner circles"?   (that is:  Will they take the risk of being transparent?)
        How many times have you been invited to lunch when you first visited a church?
    Knowing enough about a situation to be of help ... (especially significant if you are a "helping" person)
    Internet "community" ...  like online forums/discussion-groups such as at Escapees.com;  ... membership in "Birds of a Feather" (BOF) groups that have their own email based communications within the group ...

New places, new people, new churches - -  these all come with being on the road full-time.    What does it take for you to feel "at home" in a new place?   How easy is it for you to make new friends?   Do you "fit" into different styles of church,  or is it better to find a particular denomination and worship style?

Short term stays, uncertain returns - - both "make new friends" and "keep the old" become an issue.

Although there are problems in maintaining relationships, an advantage of providing a service to Christian ministries  is that we are serving other Christians.



This page last edited: 20 August 2007