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On-The-Road Database and Software Development – Financial Considerations
( In response to questions and situations that have arisen, the following has been prepared. )

The finances for the On-The-Road Database and Software Development services are a blend of   fee-for-service ministry,   faith-supported ministry   and   out-right volunteering.   Because I have neither a retirement-income nor independent-wealth,   this ministry must support itself.
    These services would normally be priced at or above  $1200 per day   plus expenses   in the regular market place.

There are two primary financial modes of operation:   Plan A  and  Plan B.
The first - Plan A - is based upon a  fee-for-service  approach that also recovers expenses.
The second - Plan B - is based upon a  faith-supported / volunteer  approach  with some minimal expense reimbursement.

Whenever possible, we request the prospective client-ministry attempt to utilize  Plan A  since that helps cover  Plan B   for other ministries that have not yet fully addressed the costs of professional-grade Information Management/Technology in their ministries.

Please contact me to discuss how these plans would apply to your ministry  or  to consider alternative financial arrangements.

Below are six (6) distinct points  A - F  for your to consider,  including the details of  Plan A  and Plan B.

A. Overview of the  Plan A  approach: 
We request reimbursement/payment for –
   1. round-trip travel from the last point of service,
   2. expenses during the stay at the client-ministry,
   3. a fee-for-service charge based on a sliding-scale.
Plan A  is administered through  Tech Serve International .

The Plan A approach in more detail:
   1. round-trip travel compensation between successive points of service eventually leads to a complete round-trip ‘home’;
   2. travel expense includes  
       a. mileage at the current IRS rate for regular business service,
       b. per-diem for days on the road (at the current IRS/GSA base rate), 
       c. the “round-trip” is applied to the miles from the location of the last ministry served;
   3. expenses during the stay at the client-ministry include
       a. local mileage at the IRS rate, 
       b. locale specific per-diem from the IRS/GSA tables (the Oct.2014 – Oct.2015 base rate is $129 per day, however your area may be higher);
   4. the per-day fee-for-service sliding-scale uses the nature of the client-ministry’s income to determine the requested rate,  this rate is lower for ministries that have income predominately from faith-support/direct-gifts.   In the table below, “Direct-Donations” do not include charges, sales or fees the client-ministry collects from its constituents.


Percent of Income
from Direct

Base Per-Day
Service Fee


0 up to 10 %

$ 960


10 up to 20 %

$ 840


20 up to 30 %

$ 720


30 up to 40 %

$ 600


40 up to 50 %

$ 480


50 up to 60 %

$ 360


60 up to 70 %

$ 240


70 up to 80 %

$ 120


80 up to 90 %

$ 80


90 to 100 %

$ 40

Rates last updated  November 2015

          There is also a discounted fee schedule for hourly remote / off-site services for current client ministries where recent on-site services have been provided.

Either TSI  or  CIM  will submit an invoice for services,  request reimbursement for expenses,   and receive payment from the client ministry - - I will then be paid wages and expense reimbursement as appropriate.


B. Overview of the Plan B  approach: 
We request, to the best of your ministry’s ability, reimbursement for –
    1. travel expenses,
    2. expenses during the stay at the client-ministry,
Plan B  is generally administered through  Tech Serve International,  however Mission Builders International  may be involved depending upon your ministry's circumstances. 

The Plan B approach in more detail:
    1. To the best of your ministry’s ability,  compensate for the expenses as would be calculated using the Plan A approach.
    2. Until the faith-support contributions build to an adequate level,   we may need to defer some service visits   or   require the client-ministry to provide at least either of the following:
        *   pay for a commercial full-hookup RV site   and   to cover local mileage,    or
        *   provide a full-hookup RV site on-campus     and     pay the sliding scale per-day fee-for-service.


C. Housing – I use a travel trailer as both office and home on the road.   Thus we request the client ministries that are able supply an on-campus (or very-near-by) full-hookup RV site (this includes water, electricity and sewer).   This form of housing simplifies work-space and allergy issues:   I can focus on the work-at-hand,   I am not ‘under-foot’,   I sneeze less,  and  I never forget to pack something.
    Because I am towing a trailer,  I consider 300 to 400 miles to be a full day’s travel.


D. Pledging On-Going Support – We invite your financial participation in this ministry,  either in response to the ministry services you have received   or   because you see the need for this service in the Christian ministry world.
If you are giving in response to services you have received, we would like to suggest –
   a. a twelve (12) or more month commitment,
   b. $10 per month for each day of service received (example: $50 per month if 5 days of service received).
Such a commitment would be very encouraging and would significantly enable this ministry.

To help underwrite this ministry, please send your contributions to
  Tech Serve International
  PO Box 598
  Greenbrier, AR 72058
  (501) 679-2120
Make checks payable to Tech Serve International.
Please include a separate note designating the funds for the “Database-On-The-Road” services.

Thank You.

E. Project Sponsors – We encourage all ministries to find and develop sponsors for technical projects.  Typically these people will   ¤ have a professional business background,   ¤ consider information to be an asset,  and   ¤ recognize the need for and the value of sound professional   Information Technology   implementations in a ministry.  They are willing to grant funds to a client ministry, designating those funds for  project implementations  through this On-The-Road ministry.

F.    Telling Others – We request all ministries to write and send out a letter of recommendation to other ministries that would benefit from these services.  As we serve more ministries, our overhead will be reduced and the travel time between ministries may be shorter.


Please note that Neither  of  Tech Serve International  or  Mission Builders International  underwrite this On-The-Road service,  it must stand on its own.


This page last edited: 26 February 2016