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A Report from David McQuoid,  On-The-Road   Supporting Information Management in Ministries,   providing assistance with Databases and Software to Christian ministries / missions     primarily in the "lower-48" United States.

Supporting Computer Databases and Software in Christian Ministries . . . to help Bring People the good news: Christ

February  2018

The year 2017 has become history -- here is a brief summary from my point of view:

On the computer-database side of the house:
   • a couple on-site visits to provide further training and a couple of feature extensions;
   • and several remote (email & phone conferences) to "unsnarl" user precipitated difficulties.

On the RV-Volunteer side of life::
   • Six months at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center (warmbeach.com) helping with facilities maintenance needs.

Next up -- when the weather permits -- probably some time in March: I will head to South Dakota to renew my driver's license.


I appreciate your continued prayers for ministries to be ready and able to have me make working visits to assist them with the development and modification of Databases and the related Software to make that data more useful.

Thank You,  --David.

David McQuoid
Serving the Database and Software Development needs of Christian ministries through
    Tech Serve International,   and
    Mission Builders International

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This page last edited: 17 February 2018