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States visited On-The-Road

States with significant ministry service visits.

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Some basic pictures, etc...
When you click on them,  most of these photos / images should open a new browser window/tab to display a larger version.

Truck and Trailer at a campground site. 
While traveling between ministries, I often stay at campgrounds.  Some are as nice as this state park near Saint Louis MO.


Trailer at a rural construction site. 
Foam board insulation used for skirting, this was to be but a short stay -- so it is not well fitted. Plastic-wrap 'storm window' shows through.

Older truck at rest, wanting to be washed.


Here are four low-resolution scans from the original Boles Aero sales literature that came with my travel-trailer.

Note the tow vehicles.
None of them are large trucks or SUVs.


Sometimes the weather 'plays rough'.

Two photos showing Baseball Size Hail dents.
One showing wind damage to the awning / rock-shield.

Sometimes the extra 20 gallons of propane is useful.


Work Setting - what it looks like.

Often the inside-the-office view is that of a conference room.

The in-the-trailer office is at the front table,  I use a wire-free keyboard and mouse to get that part of the operation back onto my lap.


 "Home is where you park it."

Some  "neighborhood"  pictures --  note that these recently-added pages can be slow to load because they can have many larger (post-card size) pictures, not just thumbnails.
   OM USA   Tyrone, Georgia
   ILC Wycliffe   Dallas, Texas
   UIM Aviation   Tucson, Arizona
   Wildhorse Canyon - Young Life   Antelope, Oregon
   Child Evangelism Fellowship   Warrenton, Missouri
   New Life Ranch   Colcord, Oklahoma



A page of photos of the 1971 Boles Aero travel trailer Boles Aero Inside & Out
Note that this page takes a long time to load.

Various Connections

An adequate low-price-range 30-amp outlet box.  The next better box has a circuit breaker also (rather than depending upon the breaker in the building, with a breaker it is safer during the connect and disconnect process).

Three-inch or Four-inch threaded sewer drain connection (the white PVC fitting) into which the RV's flexible drain hose plus adapter fits.


The page about the refrigerator install (with pictures) is here.

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