Photo Page -- Scene #2
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States visited On-The-Road

States with significant ministry service visits.

To view a map of some specific ministry locations,  use this link:   OTR Ministry Locations Map (small size)     (medium)     (large)     (extra large)

As opportunity presents, I will add relevant pictures to this page.

Some basic pictures, etc...
When you click on them,  most of these photos / images should open a new browser window/tab to display a larger version.

Truck and Trailer at a campground site. 
While traveling between ministries, I often stay at campgrounds. 

Other Devils Tower Photos
Continuing Education -- West Wyoming Office  ( Fall, 2012 )
Entrance,  Training Center (2 views),   Classroom.
Disadvantages ?   . . . Perhaps you did not notice the over 2.5-inch thick technical text book ?

Work Setting - what it looks like.

Often the inside-the-office view is that of a conference room, sometimes a spare office or desk.

The in-the-trailer office now looks like the photo to the right.  How that area came to look like that is told on the  Newer RV-ing Specific Notes + Comments page. 


 "Home is where you park it."

Some  "neighborhood"  pictures --  note that these photo-collection pages can be slow to load because they can have many larger (post-card size) pictures, not just thumbnails.
   World Radio Network   Pharr, Texas
   International Messengers   Clear Lake, Iowa
Older: (see Scene #1 Photos Page for other ministries first visited before the new trailer).






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